St. Clair Shores DUI Attorney

St. Clair Shores DUI Attorney

St. Clair Shores DUI Attorney – Gary Wilson

Were you arrested on DUI charges in St. Clair Shores? You need an experienced St. Clair Shores DUI attorney to help you. Attorney Gary M. Wilson left the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office so he could defend your rights. He has successfully defended hundreds of DUI cases over the years. Let Gary’s experience work for you.

Michigan DUI Law

Michigan’s DUI laws might seem harsh. Especially if you feel no one was at danger. However, the laws are in place to discourage drunk driving. Each year many Americans are injured or killed in drunk driving accidents. This is why Michigan has harsh DUI penalties. Michigan follows the country’s lead in enforcing a blood alcohol content level (BAC) under .08. If your BAC is .08 or higher, you officially drove while intoxicated (OWI). You can also be charged with a OWI if you showed visible signs of operating a vehicle drunk or high. If you are under 21 or operating a commercial vehicle an even lower BAC is used to determine intoxication.   You could drink one beer, sober up, and still get arrested. An experienced St. Clair Shores DUI Attorney can determine the specific penalties you could be facing in your case.

If convicted of drunk driving you will get your license suspended, pay hefty fines and fees, and the judge could even sentence you to jail time. The severity of penalties depends on a variety of issues. If you have had previous DUI charges your penalties can be even heavier. If someone was hurt or killed as a result of drunk driving your case can become even more complex. It is very important to call an experienced St. Clair Shores DUI Attorney immediately. Since Gary provides free consultations, it is free and easy to find out more about your rights and the charges you are facing.

Attorney Gary M. Wilson – Experienced DUI Attorney

Gary worked as a Wayne County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for 3 1/2 years. He found the judicial system to be unfair and corrupt. Gary quit working for the government and started working for the public. He is the St. Clair Shores Criminal Defense Attorney who is motivated to win your case. Working on both sides of the law has given him much needed insight. He knows many ways to halt the prosecution and has done so hundreds of times over the years. Gary is very well known locally for fighting for the people.

Gary is always available for calls. If you are arrested for a DUI in or around St. Clair Shores it is important to consult an attorney immediately. Our office will work hard to have charges reduced or dropped. We will fight for minimum penalties. Call us at 313-886-5600 for your free consultation. Gary knows how the system works; let that knowledge work for you.