Reinstate License with Gary M. Wilson

Having a suspended license can impede on your necessary day-to-day tasks such as work and childcare. In some areas of Michigan, having a driver’s license is the only logical means of transportation. If you lose your driver’s license, you may be entitled to reinstation. A defense lawyer like Gary M. Wilson can help you with license restoration in the state of Michigan.

Driver’s License Reinstatement in Michigan

Some prosecuted crimes result in driver’s license suspension. These crimes are typically one of two types: traffic crimes or intoxication crimes.

  • If you receive a citation for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), then the state suspends your license.
  • When you refuse to submit to a blood alcohol concentration test (BAC), you automatically lose your license.
  • Also, if you fail a court-ordered drug test, you risk license suspension.
  • If you accumulate too many points via the Michigan Secretary of State Point System, they suspend your driver’s license.
  • When you break Michigan insurance laws, you lose your driver’s license.
  • If you use your vehicle to commit a felony, such as large-scale retail fraud, you may lose your license.

The amount of suspension time depends on which crime you commit. Typically, an intoxication charge like a DUI with a BAC of .17% gets a year suspension. It’s the same for refusing to submit to your BAC when an officer suspects intoxication. However, multiple BAC refusals add on time, up to 2 years.

Certain crimes suspend your driver’s license indefinitely. For instance, breaking Michigan insurance laws will suspend your license for an unknown amount of time. Additionally, mistakes like failing to comply with the court can lead to license suspension.

Michigan State License Restoration

If you want to restore your driver’s license in the state of Michigan, you must appeal to the Circuit Court in your attempt to do so. Crafting an appeal that encloses all necessary information required by the state can be tricky. Obtaining legal help when approaching license restoration can help with the bureaucratic confusions that may ensue. In addition to an appeal, the state requires various fees depending on the type of license and the offenses.

Finally, you need to prepare for your hearing with required documents and letters of reference. If you have an intoxication charge, you need credible and notarized letters of recommendation from people in your community varifying your sobriety. A lawyer can help you with the collection of all necessary records and testimonies so you can be confident in your license restoration.

Michigan Defense Lawyer Gary M. Wilson

If you want a legal professional to have your back while going through the license restoration process, Gary Wilson, Esq., is the attorney for you. As one of Michigan’s most trusted attorneys, Wilson helps people reinstate their driver’s licenses, so they have the freedom mobile autonomy allows. Contact the law offices of Gary M. Wilson for a free driver’s license reinstatement consultation.