Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Were you caught with marijuana? Were you arrested? You need a Michigan marijuana possession lawyer. Attorney Gary M. Wilson is a skillful defense attorney. He knows the laws. Let Marijuana possession lawyer Gary Wilson protect your legal rights.

Marijuana Penalties

Michigan has strict marijuana possession laws. You could spend two to three months in jail. You could also pay $100 to $2,000 in fines. A possession charge can sometimes lead to harsher charges. Some of the possible higher charges for marijuana possession in Michigan are distribution or DUI. For more penalty information visit NORML. Drug convictions have additional implications. A guilty verdict with go on your criminal record. You could be denied jobs. You could be denied housing. Don’t let smoking a little marijuana ruin your life. Contact an aggressive marijuana possession attorney immediately.

Marijuana Defense

An experienced marijuana possession attorney can effectively evaluate your case. Gary will be able to craft your best defense. Here are some common defenses:

  • Illegal Traffic Stop: An officer must have reasonable cause to stop you. The Supreme Court has ruled the 4th amendment protects this right.
  • Illegal Search: The 4th Amendment guarantees you rights. If an illegal search was performed, the evidence could be thrown out. Let a marijuana possession lawyer defend your constitutional rights.
  • Illegal Seizure: The 4th Amendment also protects you against illegal seizure. If the evidence was not legally taken, an aggressive marijuana possession lawyer would prove it.
  • Not your drugs: Maybe a friend left the marijuana in your vehicle. You didn’t know it was there. You are not the one who should pay.

The law office of Gary M. Wilson will uncompromisingly defend your innocence. We will find any police mistakes. Because Gary started his career working for the prosecution, he knows effective tools against them.

Marijuana Possession Lawyer Gary M. Wilson

Gary is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney. He has worked on criminal cases for almost 30 years. Let Gary’s experience help you. A little marijuana shouldn’t ruin your life. It doesn’t have to. You need the right marijuana possession attorney.

Gary will help you put this mess behind you. We want to end your stress. We want to end your legal troubles. Call Gary today.

You don’t want to go to court alone. Too much is at stake. Call now so we can start building your case.