Macomb County DUI Defense Attorney

Macomb County DUI Defense Attorney

Macomb County DUI Defense Attorneys Can Help You Clear Your Name

Getting arrested for driving under the influence in Macomb County is a frightening ordeal and obtaining Macomb County DUI Defense is a necessity. For an otherwise law-abiding citizen, a DUI arrest may be his or her first interaction with the criminal justice system. While a DUI arrest is certainly a serious matter, an experienced Macomb Country DUI Defense attorney can help you minimize or avoid the most damaging consequences of an arrest.

Don’t Wait to Clear Your Name

A DUI conviction can wreak havoc in a driver’s personal and professional life. A conviction may lead to jail time, a driver’s license suspension, thousands of dollars in court fines and fees, mandatory probation requirements, and will become a permanent part of a driver’s criminal record. For people who work in certain industries and professions, there may also be negative career consequences like the suspension of a professional license or certification.

In addition to criminal DUI consequences, drivers may also face an automatic administrative license suspension from the Michigan Department of State. These types of suspensions happen very quickly after an arrest without immediate intervention by a Macomb County DUI Defense attorney.

Finally, DUI arrests become more severe if you have been arrested before. Drivers with a prior conviction for driving while intoxicated will face much more serious consequences, like mandatory jail sentences or driver’s licenses suspensions which last for five years or more.

Get the Help You Need From a Macomb County DUI Defense Attorney

As states crack down on drunken driving (and even consider lowering the legal blood alcohol limits), getting arrested for driving under the influence is increasingly common. However, there are many ways to fight a DUI arrest. Roadside breathalyzers, blood tests, and urine screenings are not foolproof, and many test results may not be legally valid. For example, some medical conditions like diabetes or acid reflux can artificially inflate a person’s breath alcohol reading. Alternatively, a person’s blood sample could be tainted by contaminants during the testing process.

An experienced Macomb County DUI Defense attorney like Gary M. Wilson may be able to use these defenses and others to help you clear your name. We fight for people who have been accused of driving under the influence every day and have the knowledge and experience necessary to defend you after an arrest. If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, get the help you need by calling 313-886-5600 and scheduling an appointment at Wilson Law today.