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Have your driving privileges been suspended? Have they been revoked? Maybe you were arrested for a DUI or OWI. Maybe you got behind on child support payments. Regardless, a license restoration lawyer can help.

Michigan License Restoration

Driver’s license suspension/revocation appeals must be submitted in writing. License restoration lawyer Gary M. Wilson will state your case. You need your license to rebuild your life. Don’t let the government stand in your way.

There are many justifications for appeal. An experienced license restoration lawyer knows what to say. He is also experienced with the paperwork. A lot of paperwork has to be precisely filled out. A lot of documents have to be submitted.

Documents you might need:

  • Current Substance Abuse Evaluation
  • Community Support Letters
  • Documented Attendance at Sobriety Meetings
  • Ignition Interlock Device Report

Once the reinstatement is approved, your attorney can help you with those forms. You will be required to:

  • Pay a Reinstatement Fee
  • Fill Out an Application
  • Submit Application & Fee

Once that is done, you have your license back.

Rebuilding Your Life

If you were convicted of a DUI, you are suddenly facing new challenges. A DUI may have cost you a lot of time and money. It may even have cost you your freedom. You may need to find a new job or a new place to live, and if you lose your job, you will never get your life back.

That is why license restoration lawyer Gary M. Wilson is here to help. Michigan is not known for good public transportation. You need driving privileges. Let our law office help. We will help you get back on the right track so you can rebuild your life.

Free Consolation with Gary M. Wilson

License restoration lawyer Gary Wilson is a highly experienced criminal defense attorney. He has been working on criminal cases for almost 30 years. He first worked for the prosecution, but soon switched sides. Since 1992 he has been defending Michiganites. We have helped many clients get their license back. Let us help you.

Call Gary. He is available to talk anytime. You can even call on evenings and weekends. He never charges for a consultation. Call him today so you can get back on the road 313-866-5600.