LGBT Attorney

Michigan LGBT Attorney Gary M. Wilson

Gary M. Wilson is an experienced attorney serving the emerging demographic that is the LGBT community in criminal defense cases such as DUI. Gary is considered an expert LGBT attorney in the field of criminal defense. He has advocated tirelessly on behalf of the LGBTQ population for more than 30 years! He firmly believes that LGBT freedoms are human rights and that gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals are entitled to equal treatment in all respects under the law and respect those within their communities. He works every day to inspire those beliefs in others.

Why choose Gary M. Wilson if you need an LGBT Attorney

He has been in practice since 1988 as a prosecuting attorney for Wayne County and entered his private practice as a criminal defense lawyer in 1992. That is nearly three decades of experience fighting for your rights! Twenty-seven years of criminal trial practice, and twenty-three for the defense, he has represented clients on quite a varying scale of misdemeanors and even more substantial felony charges. He particularly has additional experience in crash reconstruction and motor vehicle offenses. This great experience was a big part of the reason why Gary was named General Counsel and Vice President of a national transportation firm operating 1,200 vehicles from luxury coaches to taxi-cabs.

In addition to his substantial expertise in OWI and driving felonies and misdemeanors, he also is skilled in defending other crimes including arson, minor in possession of alcohol (MIP), homicide, operating while intoxicated (up to 3rd offense or greater, felonious driving, speeding, careless driving, assault, battery, domestic violence, child abuse & neglect, stalking, drug position, delivery of controlled substances, prescription fraud, shoplifting, robbery, rape, internet sex crimes, sexting, white collar crimes, and embezzlement.

LGBT Attorney

Gary Wilson a practicing Michigan LGBT attorney to assist you with your case. Gary is ready to do whatever it can take to assure his client’s cases finish in the greatest possible way, and he is committed to helping these people get back in charge of their lives. Even though we particularly cater to the lesbian and gay community in Grosse Pointe, our law office also offers professional services to other neighboring communities. Contact Grosse Pointe LGBT Attorney Gary M Wilson for a free consultation with a trustworthy and caring LGBT lawyer! Call today for someone experienced in fighting for YOUR rights!