Illegal Transport Attorney

When Do You Need an Illegal Transport Attorney?

The law is more vast and complex than a lot of people realize. As a result, when you have a run-in with police and prosecutors, it’s not always clear when and why you need an attorney. Some things you can handle on your own. Some others you should never try to navigate without the help of a legal representative. Make sure you have the strongest defense possible by contacting an illegal transport attorney if and when you need one. Gary Wilson is the lawyer that the people of Michigan know and trust! Don’t fight the long arm of the law alone!

You Have Been Charged with Illegal Transport of Alcohol

In the state of Michigan, it is illegal to have an open or uncapped alcoholic beverage in a moving vehicle. It does not matter who is drinking the beverage or even whether it is being consumed, it is possible for the driver and others in the vehicle to get in trouble. If you are under 21 and transporting any kind of alcoholic beverage, penalties are also possible. In any instance, you will want to contact an illegal transport attorney as soon as you can. There are ways to contest the charge and avoid sanctions, but only if you have the right kind of defense. Attorney Gary Wilson has been fighting to protect people just like you from unjust, unfair, and overly eager police and justice officials. Attorney Wilson has a long and lengthy record of standing up for the people, and making sure our rights as citizens are protected!

You Have Been Charged with Illegal Transport of Medical Marijuana

In the state of Michigan, it is illegal to transport medical marijuana in a moving vehicle unless it is transported in the trunk or in a place that is inaccessible from the cabin of the vehicle. This leaves some gray area, causing many people who are legally permitted to possess medical marijuana to face penalties from the courts. An illegal transport attorney can help you fight back and uphold your rights. If you plan to go to court, make sure that your side of the story gets told.

An illegal transport attorney might not seem necessary if your case is very straightforward. But if you want to avoid penalties that are harsher than you expect, the best bet is to have a legal professional in your corner. If you’ve gotten charges related to illegally transporting of any substances, illegal or legal, Attorney Gary Wilson is the Attorney Detroiters count on to help! Contact Gary Wilson Attorney at Law, a local illegal transport attorney for a free consultation.