I left the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office after three and a half years as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney because the systemic abuses of the criminal “justice” system made me sick. I fought against the abuses of police and judges who refuse to pay attention to the laws they promised to uphold. I held the office record for the number of times I was held in contempt-but all of those cases were appealed and I won each and every one.  You see, I also took an oath, and the oath that I took said nothing about bowing down. To anyone.

As a prosecuting attorney I discovered that police lie all the time.  The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) says that’s okay.  Well, its not okay, and it’s wrong for prosecutors to routinely over-charge criminal defendants by inflating the allegations against them so they can “plea bargain” later.  It’s not a bargain when you’re ambushed and then later you’re offered a cookie.  Accused citizens don’t get a fair shake unless they have a skilled criminal defense warrior on their side.  The game is rigged in favor of the “police-court-probation-Secretary of State-jail-prison complex” that has replaced the old “military-industrial complex” that our grandparents and parents fretted about.  And they thought they had something to worry about! If you are in search of a Detroit DUI Lawyer you have come to the right place. Call me 24/7 for a free consultation.