First Offense OWI Defense Attorney

First Offense OWI

Defending First Offense OWI in Michigan

While first offense OWI instances are not unusual, they can be quite nerve-racking to the defendant. Normally this is the very first time a driver spent the night in jail or was detained. Detroit OWI attorney Gary Wilson will assist a motorist to meet those charges through each one of the steps on the way. Appropriate representation could get a first DUI violation charge reduced to a nonalcoholic drink linked violation and sometimes, get the issue dismissed outright.

The Court may enforce any combination of the subsequent when the sentence: Up to 93 days in jail and more than one of the following: $100 to $500 fine. Up to 360 hours of community service. Driving license suspension for one month followed for 150 days by permit limitations. Potential vehicle immobilization and potential ignition interlock. Six points added to the record that was driving. Michigan Driver Responsibility Fee: $1,000 for two successive years for OWI. $500 for OWPD for two successive years. Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Gary Wilson today if you or somebody you know is charged with first offense OWI.

Am I able to Get a First Offense OWI / DUI Reduced?

A first offense OWI defendant in Michigan is not prohibited from negotiating down criminal charges. For instance, a defendant may get a conviction of reckless driving, or a wet rash involving alcohol, as a consequence of a plea bargain where a charge of drunk driving is reduced. On the other hand, the skill to reduce charges depends upon the availability of proof or some evidence that severely assaults the prosecutor’s case. For instance, another man was injured by you, or if your blood alcohol awareness degree was somewhat over the .08 commons in the state, property damaged or had other problems to your instance, it may not be possible to get a decrease in your fee. Your greatest odds of reducing costs is if you can show: that your driving skill was not impaired.

The state of Michigan allows plea option deals involving reduction of first offense OWI charges into lesser criminal offenses. Got Charges? Contact Gary M. Wilson today to request a free consultation at 313-886-5600.