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Detroit OWI Attorney

Reckless Driving

Leaving the Scene of an Accident (personal injury or property damage)

Beware of a Detroit OWI attorney whose defense “strategy” in OWI or other serious traffic misdemeanor cases is to ask the prosecutor for a plea bargain and then hold your hand as you plead guilty and are sentenced.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched these attorneys just please a client guilty without reviewing any evidence or police reports (let alone audio/video of the stop, the booking room videos, the Data master videos, Datamaster testing/calibration logs, forensic lab reports etc.)  It drives me nuts.  I want to step up to the bench and strangle them before they sell their client down the river.  Malpractice, anyone?

OWI is Serious

Operating Under the Influence (OWI or “drunk driving”) charges can be beat, but your lawyer has to know how to prepare your case.  So if you’re looking for a lawyer who will just go to court and “help” you plead guilty (the “monkey in a cheap suit” approach), you’re looking at the wrong website.  I know how to prepare drunk driving cases to give you the best advantages to be able to beat the charge, and I work with expert witnesses s who can hand the cops their hats on the witness stand.


I’ve attended many seminars and conferences taught by scientific and legal experts in the field of Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) defense.  I’m a member of the nation’s most prestigious and learned organizations dedicated to OWI defense.  I know how to fight drunk driving cases.  I know how to challenge field sobriety tests and laboratory analysis of blood tests and I’m not afraid to put in the work to maximize your chances to win your case.  PLEASE don’t hire another lawyer until you consult with me.

Experience on Your Side

Don’t trust your serious drunk driving charge to an Detroit OWI attorney who “dabbles” in OWI offenses.  The criminal and driver’s license sanctions and restriction can easily add up to financial disaster if you don’t take advantage of every opportunity to beat the charges.  In fact, consult with me last and you’ll understand why my approach is different.  Most police officers cut corners and lie on their reports because they love playing “cops and drunks” and they get paid extra to go to court to testify on drunk driving cases. Unless you fancy the idea of going to jail, having your driver’s license revoked or would really like to see your car insurance rates quadruple, don’t let yourself get sold up the river because you hired a monkey in a cheap suit.

Call me.  I’ll spend the time to help you understand what the other lawyers don’t know.  And consultations are always free of charge.