Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney

Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney

Gary M. Wilson is a Detroit criminal defense attorney specializing in all areas of criminal defense. Any criminal allegation can severely affect your standing in society as a whole and ability to preserve or secure future employment. The Law Office of Gary M. Wilson is located in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan and was founded in 1992. We have years of experience managing issues in the Detroit area, and we are experienced with the various processes on traffic citations /tickets, DUI cases and Felony and Misdemeanor cases.

If you wish to find a Detroit criminal attorney or Detroit Traffic Attorney for any traffic or criminal case, please contact us promptly for a free consultation.

Ask About Specific Diversion Plans From Your Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal allegation may have a disastrous effect on general good-being, your support, and your standing. It is vital that the criminal defense attorney handling your case be well versed in all aspects of criminal defense law. We have handled many criminal and traffic cases in and around the Detroit area for over 20 years.

Each traffic or criminal case needs to be analyzed to decide if it may be ignored and taken off your record. The Michigan courts have software designed for first-time offenders which ultimately will result in termination of the charges if this is the first violation. You may even be eligible to seal or expunge your arrest. Detroit criminal defense lawyer Gary M. Wilson will look for means to reach relief from your charges or seek alternate resolutions which will look towards the chance of termination and records expungement or sealing.

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Detroit criminal defense lawyer Gary M. Wilson is typically in court throughout Wayne County, Oakland County, and Macomb County. As a seasoned Detroit Michigan criminal defense attorney, Gary M. Wilson has wide-ranging penetration in representing people charged with traffic and criminal violations in the Detroit Metro Area. Please call to schedule free consultation at 313-246-8885. We appreciate helping you.