“The very first thing Gary did was to calm my nerves after being in jail overnight for a car accident. The second thing he did was to tell me everything I did correctly and how that would help our case and carefully laid out the challenges ahead. We set up a line of communication between us and Gary responded to any and all correspondence quickly. He kept me abreast of everything. He had a gut instinct that reviewing the tapes the police had of me multiple times would reveal something and he was right. He asked for postponement of the court appearance so he could do a thorough job and it paid off. My life could have been ruined but Gary was so diligent in reviewing all of the facts in such detail and he discovered some issues that helped my case. In finding a few more the prosecutor decided to drop the charges all together. I believe being on professional, respectful terms with the Judge, the prosecutor and even the police, Gary’s reputation commands respect within his realm. The outcome could not have been better, especially considering the charges that were at hand. He asked me to trust his postponement of going before the judge and he was right. Knowing all of the details of the law and taking his time to discover some evidence that was helpful to my cause proved valuable and lead to the success in this case.” -J.V.