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I left the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office after three and a half years as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney because the systemic abuses of the criminal “justice” system made me sick. I fought against the abuses of police and judges who refuse to pay attention to the laws they promised to uphold. I held the office record for the number of times I was held in contempt-but all of those cases were appealed and I won each and every one.  You see, I also took an oath, and the oath that I took said nothing about bowing down. To anyone.

As a prosecuting attorney I discovered that police lie all the time.  The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) says that’s okay.  Well, its not okay, and it’s wrong for prosecutors to routinely over-charge criminal defendants by inflating the allegations against them so they can “plea bargain” later.  It’s not a bargain when you’re ambushed and then later you’re offered a cookie.  Accused citizens don’t get a fair shake unless they have a skilled criminal defense warrior on their side.  The game is rigged in favor of the “police-court-probation-Secretary of State-jail-prison complex” that has replaced the old “military-industrial complex” that our grandparents and parents fretted about.  And they thought they had something to worry about! If you are in search of a Detroit DUI Lawyer you have come to the right place. Call me 24/7 for a free consultation.


My conscience and personal values told me that I couldn’t continue to represent the police and the government. I’ve been representing people accused of crimes since 1992 when I started my own criminal defense practice. I have been a successful Detroit DUI Lawyer ever since. I’ve always had a thing for the underdog.  I was the youngest of 6 kids, the only one in my family to go to college.  My dad was a blue-collar worker, and I’m thankful my mother was a stay-at-home mom.  What does this have to do with your criminal case?  Why should you care?  I worked my way to where I am now, and I’ll work just as hard to protect you.  I promise.

When you’re charged with a crime you need the best advice and counsel. You need a highly-trained, experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer. That’s me.

Forget any concerns about what lawyers are like.  Come on in and sit down with me. You’ll find me to be refreshingly different.  I look forward to helping you any way that I can.

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  • Gary worked extremely well for me

    Gary worked extremely well for me; delivering great results based on his experience, connections, and knowledge of the Legal system. -T.Y.

  • Honest and Trustworthy

    Gary is a hard-working, honest and trustworthy person as well as a honest and respected attorney. He is well-known and highly thought of by all in the community. – D.O.

  • Car Accident Case

    The very first thing Gary did was to calm my nerves after being in jail overnight for a car accident. The second thing he did was to tell me everything I did correctly and how that would help our case and carefully laid out the challenges ahead. We set up a line of communication between